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Monday, September 1, 2008

I am featured on Inspirational!

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Wow! What an honor!!! I am thrilled:):):)
Thanks for looking!


Stine66 said...

Congrats ! - BUT if they are the ones who should be honoured ! You are SO talented !!!

Anne M said...


Vibeke said...


Award for you in my blog:):)

altered geisha said...

I knew it wouldn't be long before your LO's were featured!!
I am so happy for you Jamie, does this mean I have to share you with the whole world now?!!! :)

Zoa said...

CONGRATS! your page is gorgeous and you deserve to be featured there!!

anne jorunn said...

Congratulations!! Your layouts really deserve to be shown on Inspirational!!

Beate said...

Congratulations!! I have an award for you to :)

Karen said...

Why havent I seen this post before..But I HAVE congratulated you anyway;) You so deserved this too, all the good things come to those who deservwe it you know:)

dsimono said...

Love your work!!! Absolutely beautiful subjects!!! What a talent! LY! Mom