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Friday, August 15, 2008

Scrapping in Kuala Lumpur..

Yes, I had to try to and find a scrapping store here in KL! And I did!!! It's called http://www.scrappingglitz.com/ ! It is family owned and and run by the sweetest person! I called the number given on the site and spoke with Nadrah, she runs the store out of her home and was very happy to have us. She told me to get a taxi, head for the National Zoo and have the taxi driver call her on our mobile to get the rest of the directions! What a fun adventure we had all in the name of scrapping! We made it to her home in about 30 minutes. She offered us coffee and Jerry, (DH) played with her son while I shopped! She had a lovley selection of paper, chipboard and handcut paper flourishes!!! I got to see her lovely scraproom, she does beautiful work, by the way! What a nice treat to meet a fellow scrapper so far from home! Thank you Nadrah for having us! If you are ever in Houston, let me know!!!! Here is a pic from our vist! Check out her blog, she posted a pic of our vist too!


Helena said...

Nice photo!!! Glad you found somewhere!!!!


Karen said...

This is so cool, what a great way to see more of KL!! Great picture, you look amazing as always! I have sent you a "You Inspire Me" award, you really do!! It is waiting for you in my blog! All you have to do is copy the image, and post it in your blog when you find the time! Talk soon!

altered geisha said...

My Mum could smell an Antiques shop a mile away, my Dad a book shop and me Craft Shops hidden down alleyways in strange towns!!!!
But really you win because you had such an adventure and how cool to meet someone so lovely and in her own home too.
Love the sound of the handcut flourishes, no doubt we will be seeing one soon on a LO!
Love Ruth xxx

Scrappingglitz said...

Hello there, glad u make it back home. I really love all your work here...dun forget to post your LOs using the stuff that you bought from me.