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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Breaking Dawn book release!

Just wanted to share this pic of me and my daughter Brenah, at the local bookstore release party! We both love to read and this series "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer has been tons of fun! It's a great young adult story about love and friendship! (And vampires and werewolves!!) The party began at 10:00 pm and lasted until midnight, which is when they released the newest book!!! I hung out with my daughter and several hundred over zealous teenagers!!!! It was a costume party, hence Brenah's lovely scars! She went as the character Leah, who is a Native American Indian that was attacked by a werewolf! We played trivia, had our fortunes told, made a toilet paper wedding dress, and overall had a wonderful time!!! By the way, she won 1st place in the costume contest!!! Any other Twilight fans out there???? Thanks for looking!!!
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altered geisha said...

I love your new look blog!! The heading is off course your beautiful ATC and I can see more of your gorgeous work in your slideshow.

Do you get as competitive as me when it comes to creating costumes for the kids? Nice one winning first place it looked like a real team effort!!

..and how cool is that still hanging out with teenagers, your daughter must love you very much!

Love Ruth xxx

Karen said...

So cool, Jamie! You two look amazing!! And what a cool costume, the make-up is amazing!! No wonder she won the contest!!When I get the time I will def. read these books, they seem exiting, even for adults!:) HUG!