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Monday, July 7, 2008


My daughter after an emotional fencinng tournament! I love her true smile here, and especially what's behind it. I see the determination in her eyes, and her strength. In this layout I cut out the flowers in the vase from printed paper. Painted grungeboard swirls, and hambly transparency. The red rose I made from french wired ribbon that I bought at quilt festival years ago. The green leaves are fabric, I used a blanket stitch and sewed them to an off-white fabric then cut it all out. Since I don't have as much time to quilt, I'm trying to incorporate fabric and sewing into my layouts. Scrapbooking for me is wonderful, I can just jump right in and actually finish a project in a few days, whereas my quilts take months. One day when my little boy takes longer naps and does more independant play there will be more time for quilting..... My fabric keeps calling to me..... Anyway, tfl!


Karen M. Thaule-Pedersen said...

what a beautiful girl you have, looks like you!:) and the Lo is so beautful! Your fabric-skills adds a very unique look to your pages!

dsimono said...

Beautiful work! Your ATC is just breath-taking!!! What a gorgeous miniature work of art of a bygone era!!! I absolutely love those wonderful babies!!! Thx for sharing your over-the-top talent! DS